Alternative Rebellion

Alternative rebellion can be a way of channeling destructive urges into something that is not harmful and more fun! I spent much of my younger years trying to "fit in" feeling like I didn't belong or not really having friends outside school.For a long time I felt like I didn't have an identity,then the eating …

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It’s ok to take medication for mental health problems

I don't know where the stigma comes from that it is shameful or unnecessary ary to take medication for mental health problems.Is it because we are unsure of how mental health issues arise in the first place?Is It nature or nurture?Is there something wrong with the biochemistry of our brains and then the environment pulls …

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Leaving behind Eating Disorder memories

Throughout recovery it can be hard to deal with the thought of letting go off you eating disorder. I can also be hard to cope with the memories or experiences you had throughout relapse. You may be filled with,guilt,anxieties,regrets or even a longing to return back to your old ways. Looking back or thinking back to …

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