Track is Back!

Today was the first university track session of this academic year!I felt quite apprehensive about it,I was worried about injury flaring up and also fitness loss and I have only been swimming and cycling over the last five weeks to give my body a chance to heal.

Turns out I did not need to worry!The session was great.

My shins were pain free throughout and felt fine afterwards,fingers crossed they feel ok tomorrow!I still have some residual bone growth (calluses) but hopefully they will fade with time.I just need to be sensible and not go too hard too soon.

The session was 3 sets of 1km,200m,1km,200m.Before the session we did somr strides and I don’t think I was warm and stretched enough and I felt a pull in my hamstring.It does not seem serious but did bother me a bit.I decided to just do two sets of the session to ease back into speedwork.

I was pleased with my splits,they were so even which is a rarity for me.I felt so good and so happy running,I felt like I was flying on the 200m.


It will take time and patience to build up my mileage and speed but I am excited to get training.

It was great to see so many new faces at the track,we had a really huge turnout.I am really excited for this year of university and all it will bring.

I have my first day of placement tomorrow eek!!!I actually have to be up in 5 hours time but cannot seem to sleep!

I think a lot of coffee will be needed to get through those 12.5 hours!

Also does anyone have any ideas for blog posts!I feel a I am being rather boring!!

Maybe something nursing related,university?Help me out people!

Hope everyone has a good day (when they wake up haha)

Much Love,






4 thoughts on “Track is Back!

  1. Sounds like you had a great experience back on the track. Good luck with your nursing studies and clinicals. I bet making observations about people requiring medical care and battling illnesses or coping with chronic issues will inspire a few blogs!


  2. Hey there!
    Missed seeing you about…
    I know I’d love to see updates, however often you want, on how you’re doing. It could be a monthly ramble, it could be weekly/bi-weekly, whatever works for you.
    Anyone who is following your blog cares about you and your life…
    Good luck with placement!

    Post ideas – what do you want your blog to focus on? Journal style – journal. Recovery – could be different posts on different things that worked for you. Or questions/answers. What to do when x. Photography (you were looking for more hobbies) – taking a picture and writing what you think about it. Or joining Watwb – posting each month something positive from the news. Or a reason to live post. Or a post about different aspects of nursing. I can ramble on and on.

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