General life update!

Wow It has been a long time since I last posted!The last two weeks of my Nursing placement just completely took it out of me but I can now proudly say I have completed the first year of my Nursing degree and got a first overall for this year!

My last placement was on a heart surgery ward looking after patients pre and post op.I also got to watch open heart surgery and spend a day in the high dependency unit which has made me very excited for critical care placement in second year.The team on the ward was fantastic and I really am starting to feel like a “proper nurse” when in the ward.It was great to see patients through from admission,to operation to critical care and finally discharge them home.

I also managed to cope with this placement far far better than any of the other ones despite it being my most intense one hour wise.I was doing 4 12.5 hour shifts most weeks.The last two weeks however I had such bad fatigue and just felt so so low and was purging again.Due to being tired I had no energy to train and sport greatly benefits my mental health so that was hard.But sometimes you’ve just got to do what you need to do.

Mental health wise I am doing much much better now after a two week break in the French alps with my boyfriend (I shall do a separate post for this!) Eating wise I am back on track,and actually really pleased with how free I am being and I am so so happy to be a stable weight and be able to eat and do what I want.We hiked a lot and I still managed to maintain my weight.In the past going on holiday would be a window of opportunity to relapse back into behaviours.The last time I was in the French alps I was cold,miserable and had no energy to hike.This time I hiked over 100km in a week and ate all the things which used to be forbidden like pizza,croissants,normal cola,juices etc.The worries about losing control still sometimes come in but I am much better at pushing them aside.

Something I need to work on still is comparisons.I find it really hard not to compare my eating/exercise in close relationships.It is stressful for me and not fair on the person I am with.So my goal for the new uni year is to focus on MY goals and what I am doing.not what those around me are.

I am really excited for the second year of university!I am moving into a flat with my boyfriend and two friends.It is perfect,a 20 minute cycle from the hospitals I train at and university.Close to parks too and for a reasonable price.I cannot wait to have a home in London rather than be moving around constantly and not feeling comfortable where I live.I think I will cope much better with stress and fatigue in second year as I know what to expect now!

I am also excited to get into structured training.I would like to train for a half marathon and then a full one.I would also like to swim At least once every two weeks just in case I decide to do a triathlon!

I have been reading a book by Chrissie Wellington who is a Ironman world champion and I have been inspired.She did not start her athletic career until later in life and still managed to achieve so much.Which is making me less stressed that I have left it too late!I also relate to a lot of her teenage/early adult years in terms of the perfectionistic,driven and addictive personality and also funny things such as having a weak bladder and forgetting to wear underwear whilst cycling in a skirt through London!My boyfriend was saying how similar we sound!

Anyway,I hope everyone is well and stay tuned for more posts and I will hopefully be writing more regularly now!

Much Love,



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