Taped up toes and all…

Now you may be thinking what on earth is this title is but bear with me and I will explain the rather uninteresting story behind it.

So I have been in a bit of a funk lately It seems everything I touch I break,I keep saying the wrong thing,messing up,annoying people and in general have been a depressed,anxious mess.So to get out of this mindset I thought a goal would help.Something to wake up in the morning and want to work for.

And so the goal is to set a new course record for the half marathon in my town.The record for women currently stands at 1:16:48.I ran the half marathon in May with minimal training in 1hr 38 mins so although the goal of setting a new course record seems highly optimistic and improbable I am giving it a go.

So I embarked on a run today,managed about 8km before my toes started popping out (gross I know) Used to happen to me as a figure skater.And so I am now sitting at home,eating stir fry,tapped up toes and all with the firm decision that I will set a new course record come May time.

I also had a occupational health check today and I am all clear to start the Nursing degree!!!Yippeee!So I head of to uni in ten days time!Which is fantastic despite not actually having anywhere to live in London yet :/ The doctor said I look remarkably well and I am trying to not read into the words too much.Its a positive thing.I can finally stop hiding behind this eating disorder,be healthy and do something with my life!


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