A better day

Yesterday ended up being a much better day.It didn’t start off that great but ended up being really good.Me and my friend were meant to go on a all day kayaking trip across a Norwegian Fjord but it got cancelled due to wind.We both wanted to do different things so I suggested we split up.I don’t think my friend was too happy at first but I felt like it was better than one person having to do something they do not like.My friend went on a boat trip and I went hiking.

I took a hike from Bergen up to Mt Ulriken,the views were absolutely stunning!

I then hiked across the mountains to a place called Floyen which took about 4 hours.It was quite a challenging route in some places.There were other people on the trail though so I didn’t feel so alone.I did panick at one point as I lost the trail and there was no one around but I managed to calm down and find my way.

I arrived at Floyen and got a hotdog and coffee as It was around 5pm and there was still about 3km left to walk to get down to the city centre.I felt guilty for spending money but I knew I needed to eat .

When I reached the bottom I found my friend and she was really happy with how the day went and said she had a good time.It was such a relief as I did have some guilt about suggesting we split up.We had mcflurys and then went home.

When we got back I kind of binged on chocolate and crisps.I tried to keep it down but ended up purging.Really disappointed with myself as I haven’t in ages.I still had dinner later on despite my friend not having any as she was full from earlier.Felt really guilty and like I was just binging when rationally I know it’s just a meal.I haven’t had binge urges in a while and it’s always a fear that they will come back.

In the evening my friend suggested we go on a final walk around the neighbourhood.About 2 minutes down the road we discovered some beautiful lakes.
It was 10pm by this time and still light!We laughed and had a really good time.

Right now we are on a train to Oslo where we will be staying for three days.The views from the train are amazing!Excited to explore Oslo and hopefully go hiking again.


3 thoughts on “A better day

  1. Explore Life

    How beautiful. I’m so glad your day went well. I found issues like that coming on my trip to. I purged because it was something familiar. I need familiar. Don’t beat yourself up though. I can’t wait to see what other adventures you go on. 🙂

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