Travelling and anxiety

I am sitting here shaking and writing this as I have been hit by a wave of travel anxiety.I have felt pretty confident about going away to South America for two months but now the fears and starting to creep in.I don’t even know what I’m scared of but my stomach is churning and I’ve got the shakes and I’ve just got this strong feeling of fear.

I’ve never been very good with travelling.As a child A fear of vomit made travel scary and I’d often panick before taking flights or ferrys.I kind of grr out of a lot of my fears and anxieties but sometimes I do still get nervous before travelling.

I’m scared that I will chicken out and want to come home.Im not cancelling this trip though!There have been many times I’ve thought of chickening out of things but haven’t.Ill only regret it if I do.Reminding myself of why I decided to go to South America In the first place.This can only make me stronger and so I just need to push through the fear.

Keeping In mind that you can always go home.If I try it for a few weeks and don’t like it I can come home.Its not failure it means you tried something and didn’t like it.

Talking to friends can help to lessen the fear and make you realise that the anxieties are normal and many people would feel nervous before such a trip.

Within a comfort zone nothing ever grows.


4 thoughts on “Travelling and anxiety

  1. Explore Life

    I cant tell you how much that statement is true. You can do it. Push through those stomach aches. I have been there. Traveling is very nerve-racking. My anxiety goes high when I travel. Just last week I was traveling out of state and I was a mess on the way home. Nothing to be ashamed about. You got this girl! 🙂


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