Spontaneous trip to Greece!

On Sunday we took a 5 hour bus from sofia in Bulgaria to Thessaloniki in Greece.It was a three minute spontaneous decision and the best one we made.When we got to Greece we went into town and had a waddle round and took a free boat trip.We only had to buy one drink so all got sangria which was so good!
There was a pride parade that night and the atmosphere was so electric!So many people young and old taking part.

The next day we travelled to a place called nea podeita.The beaches here are absolutely stunning and not even busy!I have never seen such beautiful turquoise waters.Later we went out for dinner and had giant bowls of seafood spaghetti and bread with olive oil for dinner which was pretty good.

What I have loved about this holiday is that it has been so spontaneous!Which has been challenging eating wise but I have actually found it quite easy to just go with the flow and eat whatever!We have lived mainly off pizza and chocolate croissants and I do not even feel that guilty for it.Also wore a bikini on the beach for the first time in ages and felt good!Not fat or too big or horrible but ok.

In the U.K. I had been feeling quite stuck for a while,as though I had hit a recovery platteu.I feel like I have made some progress and feel a lot more free away from the weighing scales.Planning to stay off them when I get home.

Yesterday when we got back to sofia we danced for a long time and laughed loads,it feels great to just live and enjoy life.Feeling so blessed for this experience and my friends!

Only got two days in Engalnd before going away to Norway.The weather looks really bad though so trying to persuade my friend to change our plans last minute and go somewhere like Croatia instead.Not sure it will go down well…but worth a try!Spontanuity is the best!


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