First day in Sofia!

Today we arrived in Sofia in Bulgaria,our flight was good and we arrived 20 minutes earlier than expected.I was a bit nervous but no where near as anxious as I used to be and actually really enjoyed the flight!We arrived at the apartment we were staying at and dropped our things off before heading out for lunch.

Me and my friend had chicken burgers with fries which were really nice.Quite challenging because of mayo and cheese and it bring quite a big meal for lunch but not listening to the ED and finished it all!Being spontaneous and going with the flow

We decided to explore the city centre and just chill out.The city has a bit of a communist feel to it a bit like Poland in some places.

We headed back home to research what we can do in the next few days.Tomorrow we are going to take a cable care up vitosha mountain and then hike to the highest point.I am so excited!I have a big love for mountains and have been wishing for higher altitudes all year!Its meant to be hit too!

We went out for quite a late dinner at around 8:30pm my friends had pizza and I had some sort of salmon salad.This was a bit hard due to not feeling hungry but I knew I should have something and guilt over eating out e.t.c but tbh the food is pretty cheap here you can get a main meal for £3/£4 and if my friends can eat then there’s no reason I shouldn’t.We ended up having three rounds of cocktails too and waddling home slightly drunk!

What I keep noticing here is how thin many of the woman here are,like really,really skinny and tiny.I know this is quite common for europe as I notice it in Poland too.Makes me feel a bit shit as many look smaller than I ever did even at a low weight so finding it hard to justify being a healthy weight.Is it genes,lifestyle that they are so thin?I don’t know.I am embarrassed to even say it bothers me as it sounds so vain!Remebering that it doesn’t really matter,there’s bigger worries in the world and I won’t let this define how I live my life.Trying to remeber to be grateful and look at the bigger picture.

I am struggling to sleep at the moment so just thought I would write this quick post!


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