Why do you not want your voice to be heard?

In light of the 2017 UK general election I feel like I need to vent about something which really bothers me and that is people not using their right to vote. We are very lucky to live in a democracy where we are free to vote for who we want to. It is a privilege that men and women have had to fight for, many losing their lives in order to earn this right. Why not do them some justice and get out the house, appreciate how lucky you are and cast your vote.Sadly in many places in the world people still do not have the right to vote or a pressured,threatened and blackmailed to vote for a leader they do not really want. Sure everyone can exercise their right not to vote but it completely baffles me as to why Someone in the UK over the age of 18 would not jump at the opportunity for their voice to be heard. Every vote does COUNT and every vote does MATTER. Bottom line, if you are 18 or over and capable of ticking a box then you should be registered to vote and be voting every year, No excuses.

In this day and age it really is not hard to do some research on different parties, read their manifestos and make the decision. There really is no excuse not to vote, unless of course you have broken a leg and have spent the entire day from 7am-10 pm in a&e, been taken to hospital, or some other tragic event has happened. The most common excuse however is “I am too busy” which basically translates to “I cannot be bothered”. If you are really that busy on the day then I am pretty sure you can vote by mail. The same goes for if you are travelling, you CAN still vote. Sure maybe it takes a little more effort but isn’t that bit of effort worth it if it means you have the chance to shape your future? If you have anxiety or depression then you can again vote by mail, maybe take a friend along for support, mentally prepare yourself the night before e.t.c

When we give up and we do not participate then we lose. If you do not vote then you have no right to complain, only you are to blame for everything remaining the same.

Another thing I do not understand is the hate towards people for who they vote for. Its a DEMOCRACY. You can vote for who you like to. It’s one thing having a debate amongst yourselves about who should win and another thing to berate, mock or belittle someone for who they voted for. Sure I may not agree with some people on who they voted for but they are entitled to their own opinion just the same way as I am entitled to mine. Its not worth falling out over politics.

Something which saddens me is when people my age or a little older choose not to vote. Its no secret that the youth turnout in elections tends to be considerably lower compared to the over 65’s turnout. Following the result of last years EU Referendum many were left wondering how devastating it is that older voters were deciding a policy that would shape younger generations futures in my opinion in a negative way.I can honestly see no if very few positives from brexit. If you do not want your future decided for you then you should have voted.

Furthermore I do not understand why some people expect you to be so hush hush about who you vote for. It’s a personal decision whether you want to scream at the top of your lungs for who you are voting for or whether you wan to keep it to yourself. For me personally I am happy to be open about who I am voting for. If you want to keep your political views to yourself then that is also fine.

I am voting for labour, not because I think they are perfect, no party is but because they have the best chance of keeping the conservatives out. If the liberal democrats had a higher chance of winning then I would be voting for them. As a young adult and a future nurse two things which are very important to me are the NHS and education. I disagree with the conservatives and the decisions they have made regarding education and tuition fees. I  highly disagree with the recent changes to funding for nursing courses. The nursing degree is no longer funded by the UK government and student nurses will have to take out a loan of £9000 or more per year and then there is a maintenance loan on top of that. Now tell me how is that fair when you spend 50% of your degree on placement? That is basically paying to work. How is it going to encourage people to apply for Nursing? How Will it help fill the thousands of vacant nursing posts in the UK?

Do the conservatives care for people at all? I fear the privatisation of the NHS and what it could lead to… We are very lucky to have free healthcare. If I had to pay for my eating disorder treatment then I simply wouldn’t have it.I simply could not justify spending that amount of money on myself. Low self worth is often something that accompanies an ED.The weekly appointments that I have received for free via the NHS have been a lifeline for me and I don’t think I could have turned my life around without them. I scares me that there may be a future where such treatment is not free and will be an additional barrier which people with mental health problems have to face to receive treatment. But can you imagine a country where some people can not afford to have their healthcare needs met? What if people have to turn to dealing,gambling,prostitution to pay for their or their families treatment? Maybe I am overreacting…maybe not.

If you did not vote this year then there is always next year. Not voting just makes you another statistic and presumes you are not interested.




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