The continuum of life is encompassed by resistance,

Surrounded by determination, courage and persistence.

I’ve seen time stop when I go under,

Is it worth it, sometimes I wonder?

Emotions swaying like a pendulums oscillation

The swinging motion brings me back to temptations.

These days I have learnt to stay grounded,

yet when my mind is constantly pounded

My motivation faces alteration

I boil up with frustration.

I know the consequences of a blunder,

yet that doesn’t stop me from going under.

A chain reaction ,

from a chain of actions,

The intermittent nature increases with reoccurrence

So I practice the action of deterrence.

Returning to the firm foundations

surrounded by music and the art of creation.

To obnubilate is to obscure

That allows me to endure.

Until I beat in rhythm with desired motion

adhering to a strict devotion,

To endure the unexpected movements of life’s complexion

Without the need for harm or deprecation.






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