As the numbers on the scale rise

so may the eating disorders cries.

But so does;

The number of friends you see,

The amount of times that you feel free,

The number of real smiles you give,

The amount of days you actually live.

The fewer tears your loved ones cry,

The less you hide, the less you lie.

You let down your walls and open the door

Giving your presence to others once more.


Once again you start to feel,

You cry, you scream, you begin to heal.

When you fall you pick yourself up,

Put food on your plate and fill your cup.

Some weeks you may feel more depressed,

But still get up, still  get dressed.

You say you were better off before,

You may lose some battles but will win the war,

because recovery is the choice you make

Although at times you think you’ll break.

Some days you run, some days you crawl,

But in the end you give it your all.



9 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Thank you for your honest, insightful words on this process. I can empathize with you in that this process is difficult, arduous, lengthy, and uncomfortable. But as you said, numbers on the scale aren’t the only thing that change–numbers of years of our lives change, too. 🙂

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