Burning Bridges

This is probably going to be a rather short post but I just have some things to get off my mind.

As we grow up and enter adult hood there is less room for things from our past.More space in our minds is taken up by jobs,responsibilities,study,family etc. Sometimes in life you just need to move forward and get on with your life and don’t look back. Living in the past can detract from the quality of your life in the present. Though it may be hard some bridges do have to be burnt to prevent you from running back to things or people who once hurt you.

I believe friendships are extremely important in life. However there are times in life when a friendship in life can turn sour. In a toxic friendship one friend may be insulting,critical, hurtful or manipulative to the other.Or it can go both ways. Where the friendship hurts both individuals.It can be hard to cut off someone who was once a friend. You may fear hurting them as regardless of what they have said or done to you,you did once care for them. You may even still care for them as despite the hurt they cause they are still human. That person may be in a unfortunate situation and you may feel sorry for them.

At times you may feel guilty for cutting someone off and feel responsible if they end up harming themselves. If someone has mental or emotional problems then they may require the help off a professional. No matter how much of a caring person you are, you need to recognise your own limit with regards to the help you can provide without being hurt or having your own health compromised,be that physical or mental. I’ts not selfish It’s the responsible and mature thing to do. You cannot take sole responsibility for another persons problems and be held hostage by their threats to harm themselves. If a person says they will harm themselves, this should not be dismissed but at the same time giving them attention and buying into their threats may just feed the disorder. It is tricky to know what to do in these situations.

I am a believer that people should get second,third,fourth chances. I try and see the best in some one.Maybe that’s naïve but that’s just how I am.I am learning though that sometimes some people never change.

Friendships are meant to be constructive and not destructive. Build new brides. Build bridges with friends who support you and who you can support in return. Friends who make you laugh, who make life feel worth living. Friends who value your opinion and respect your feelings.



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