Positive reminders

Something I think to keep in mind is that thoughts change all the time and feelings are only visitors. I often get stuck in black or white thinking or catastrophising.Something I am going to try to do is to be more mindful of this and to act less impulsively.

Was the day really that bad? Or did you just have one bad moment which you ruminated on all day?

What I have realised is its ok to accept that you may have thoughts about relapse but you don’t necessarily have to act on them. I think its better to be honest with yourself rather than to try and hide and bury these feelings and thoughts away. Acknowledge them and then take a moment to sepperate yourself from your eating disorder self if you can.Focus on the part of you that values health,relationships,love,life,goals and ambitions more than you value the eating disorder. Find ways to make the “real” you come out more.

You know how in the winter it gets so cold you feel like it will never be warm again. Then in the summer it gets so hot you think it will never be cold again. That’s a bit what feelings are like.When you are sad you feel like all the happiness has been drained from you. But then when you are happy you can feel invincible and like you will never hit that low point again. But in life you will be sad again but you will also be happy again because you do have the strength in you to decide that’s not how you want to stay forever. Regardless of circumstances you can choose how you react to them. Choosing how you react gives you power even if you cannot control the situation.

The lines of worry crumble from her eyes,

They glisten and glow,

like stars in the skies.

Gone are the hollow holes between her bones,

which where sharp like sticks,

and felt heavy like stones.

Back is the smile,

and back is the grin,

it radiates the glow within.

Gone is the fear,

Gone are the cries,

No more of the words,

cutting like knives.

Grey, yellow skin,

Like winters bark

is flooded with colour,

the difference is stark.

Back is the life,

back is the desire,

ambition, hope,

some call it fire.

Gone is the perfection,

Gone is the obsession.

A cruel voice,

now speaks with affection.

Gone is the empty corpse,

walking on water,


A friend, sister and daughter.







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