Conversation with an eating disorder

“Why hello dear,

Now what is this?

Are you trying to blank me?

Don’t take the piss!”


Sorry I didn’t recognise your face

You look so different.

I guess you’ve changed.


“You thought I’d left?

Thought I’d forgot?

It’s ok now,

You’ve one more shot”


I’m not sure I want to…

I am not sure I can.

Please leave me now,

you understand?!


“Oh stupid girl,

I am here to stay,

Might change my form,

but never stray.”


I tell you NO!


“Stop fucking me about.

Is that the way to treat a friend

i’m going nowhere,

got you till the end”


In porcelain wastelands,

we stumble round,

In dizzying circles,

We kneel not stand.


“See told you girl,

I get my way,

Don’t bother fighting

You were always grey”


Tomorrow is another day

i’ll make it good

I’ll get my way.

Yet I know it’s parched grass,

In pouring rain.

I trace the drops down windowpanes,

Burnt by the hope

reduced to flames.

kicking aside the remains

of broken promises.

Things never change.







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