You can be loved and liked despite it all.

Over the past few months I have come to realise that people can love and like you despite your struggles,mistakes,flaws and that there is strength and bravery in being open with those around you.

Sometimes you may feel bad for being open about your struggles as you may not want to worry or burden others or you may feel undeserving of help or many other things.But since being more open about struggling with an eating disorder,being on antidepressants e.t.c I actually feel like I have better and closer relationships with those around me.I have also had more friends open up to me about their problems and I feel privelleged that they have.Although on the outside people may look like they have it all together everyone is dealing with their own shit.It’s so much better though when you have support around you.Not everyone likes to be open about feelings and thats ok Its a very personal thing.

We all screw up sometimes,we all do things we regret sometimes multiple times.We were not put on this earth to live perfect lives and despite our best efforts to be the best we can and the best for those around us we do make mistakes.

Like I honnestly wonder sometimes how I know some of the most amazing humans and can call them my friends despite being such a screw up.

Maybe it’s because we are always our own worst critics.Maybe we over look all the positives others see in us.

I think at times we can over think things and worry too much that we won’t be liked or accepted.

So even if you may hate yourself and want to hurt yourself dont.Because you don’t need to and think about friends and family.They don’t want to see you on a self destructive path. It causes them pain too.You may want to give up sometimes but there is someone who cares and there may also be someone who relies on you.What would they do without you?

I am sure there are people you love and care for who have made mistakes,who have messed up,who have needed help and you still love and care for them the same if not more.So why can’t people feel the same way for you?




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