Helping yourself in times of anxiety,sadness,worry

People get anxious for many reasons it may be stress, school,work,exams,deadlines,situations,worry,fears,overthinking or sometimes there may be no clear reason but there are ways in which you can calm yourself when you start to feel panicked.

When I was younger I was very anxious about going to school,travelling,going on school trips,being away from home e.t.c a lot of this was because of a fear of vomit or people vomiting which is strange but it took a long time to get over the fear.Also public speaking,going to the city centre alone would make me so panicked at times.I struggled with panic attacks too.What really helped me is when my sister donated her old I-pod to me and I would always be listening to music.If I felt a panic attack coming on I could listen to my favourite songs and it would help so much.I could travel and go to places by myself as I could just put my earphones in.During and after struggling with an eating disorder I struggle more with a low/depressed mood rather than anxiety but have found a few things which help and maybe someone else would find them useful.

1)Focus on your breathing.Take deep breaths.Breathe out for double the ammount of time you breathe in. (E.g breathe in for 4 seconds,Breathe out for 8 seconds)This is really helpfull if you cannot sleep too.You can also try something called ocean breath.It’s a yoga breathing technique where you breathe in through your nose then open your mouth until your breath runs out without forcing it out.Sounds weird but don’t knock it till you tried it!

2)Try yoga

Yah I know so cliché! I never believed yoga could help but at school regular practice really did help me.You may not notice the difference straight away but with consistent practice it should help.

3)Practice self care

Take time out for yourself.Read some blogs in the bath,light a candle,watch a film,buy some snacks.Chill time is so important!If you are some who needs to be productive all the time you can try colouring or something simmilar.


sometimes you may need distractions from thoughts or worries.Somethings I like doing are blogging,colouring,dancing,painting my nails.My favourite distraction is work to be honnest so I struggle more on days off.


5)Talk to someone

Don’t bottle up feelings!They can build up and then one day BOOM!Suddenly you are crying in the cupboard at work whilst going to fetch some disenfectant.Haha I still laugh at that.

Talking to someone can reassure it will all be OK.They can help you rationalise your thoughts,give advice and help you put things into perspective.


6)Stroke a pet!(If you have one obvs)

Dogs are the best!(Though a cat should work too…)It’s been scientifically proven pets can help reduce anxiety and improve overall wellbeing!


7)Go outside

Getting some fresh air can be helpfull and it can give your skin some chance to soak up some vitamin D from the sun.Exercise can really help too as long as it is done for the right reasons and in a healthy way.

Maybe even just grabbing a coffee and reading a book somewhere can help.

8)Making lists

If you have a lot to do it can be helpfull to make a list and prioritise tasks that need to be done.Put the ones you want to do the least first to get them over and done with.If you are studying maybe break revision up into chunks so it’s easier to memorise and you don’t et stressed over having to do a huge ammount in one go

9)Adress worries and fears

You may have to face certain fears and worries so that you can move past them.Again talking to someone may help.

10)Look after your physical health too

Try and get plenty of sleep,Lots of good food and water.

11)Have a feel good/chill Playlist of songs which you can put on when you feel down or anxious.




4 thoughts on “Helping yourself in times of anxiety,sadness,worry

  1. I really like to work as a distraction and I really struggle on my days of too, never know what to do with myself and sometimes don’t want to get out of bed because I don’t have plans. Unfortunately everyone around me worries about me working too much because I had a they think my breakdown was caused by overworking but the job I’m in now is one I enjoy much more.
    Also I’ve just started yoga too and find the breathing really calms my anxiety.
    Really good post 🙂


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