2017 Goals

A rather cliché post about goals for the new year. As I have said before I am not someone who makes resolutions and actually sticks to them but there are a few things I would like to achieve in 2017.There are also some things which I have found helpful over the past few months which I want to continue doing.I will probably be adding to the list as new ideas come into my head.

1)Go to university and not relapse/lose weight. I am 100% determined to go to university this September and stay there.So so excited!

2)I would really like to run a half marathon this year and maybe beat my previous time of 1 hour 43 minutes. I would like to fundraise for a charity as I feel I could do more for others than I do at the moment.Maybe raise awareness for eating disorders though I am not sure I have the courage to do that. I would like to continue to focus on having a healthy relationship with exercise.

3)Try and go to yoga more regularly. I have found that yoga in the past has really helped improve my mood and sleeping. Lately I just haven’t been bothered to go.

4)To go on a walk with my parents and my dog at least every other week and to spend more time with them.

5)To continue to use delay techniques before stepping on the scales and to try and weigh myself less frequently.Really I would love to ditch the scales completely this year and not have to be weighed at uni.

6)To eat more vegetables. Weirdly vegetables became a bit of a fear food for me as they would give me the feeling of a full stomach or make me bloated. It makes no sense that they are a food I will sometimes avoid but I will happily eat my weight in chocolate and sweet potato fries. It doesn’t make sense but to be honest eating disorders aren’t exactly logical.

7)I’d really love to stop purging permanently but at the same time putting pressure on myself to not do it sometimes makes the urges worse. So far I’ve managed almost 3 weeks without purging and oh my god its so so much better.

8)To stay in contact with friends and also make new friendships. Really looking forward to meeting new people at university.One ofmy goals for 2016 was to be more social and I want to continue this in 2017 as I genuinely love going out and getting smashed or just meeting friends but often didn’t have the courage to do so or was too anxious.

9)To continue to use healthier ways of dealing with emotions and to remember that Feelings are just visitors-they come and go and sometimes you may have to sit with them.Its not worth binging,purging or restricting them away.

10)Go to the dentist and get my teeth sorted out.Such a fear and my head says a waste of money but should be done and it will be another reason to not relapse into purging in order to not ruin my teeth.


maybe not very interesting but just some things i’d like to do this year.



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