Goodbye 2016!

Since 2016 is almost over I thought I would do a post about the past year.2016 has been a year of highs and lows, the chill and the crazy, going from zen to getting drunk (again), going from numb to fun, from lying to actually trying,from running to resting,from losing to gaining, from revision and testing to waitressing and investing in a life worth living!

Early in the year I Unfortunately  once again stumbled upon the eating disorder that I had tried to overcome. Although 2016 didn’t turn out like I had planned I still achieved some of the goals I set out. I am incredibly grateful for the people 2016 has bought into my life and for old friendships that have come back into my life. I think its important to remember in life that each experience, good or bad shapes you as a person. Don’t waste mistakes, learn from them. Lots of terrible things have happened in the world this year and it can really make you realise how lucky you are and that health and life is precious which is why I would like to focus on some positives of 2016 not the negatives which are I the past.



-Taking part in the two days of running challenge which included a downhill 5k and my first half marathon the following day. Getting injured in February and being out of training for three months meant kind of winging it, it was still one of the best experiences I have had to date.

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Relay running in July!
-Being part of a relay team in July was really good fun. We came second overall, I felt kind of bad as I was the slowest in the team but oh well, all good fun!

-Running a 10km with a hangover and coming 2nd,one of the best races haha!

-Taking part in the Swiss Alpine festival of running in Davos and racing against people from all different countries!

I have so many great running memories but I don’t want to bore you!(Though I am sure I do that anyway)


Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and indoor2016 has probably been one of the most social years. I really enjoyed sixth form at school and hosted some gatherings this year. Also regained a friend who was my bestie from when we were little.

In October I went to visit a friend who is at university in Liverpool which was such a cute day. I also went to Leicester to stay with a friend and got a taste of university life on a wicked night out!


As I decided to take a gap year I have been working as a waitress at a very busy Caribbean restaurant. I started working there when I was 16 and I really love it.It has helped me become more confident and better at making conversations as well as learning to multitask and work in a busy environment. I am sure this will come in useful when I start nursing!I love the busy shifts on a Friday or Saturday when you are running round like a headless chicken and there is reggae/pop music blaring in the background. I have also met some amazing people. Work has helped me with recovery so much. It gives me a distraction and has taught me to become very flexible with eating. Working the longer shifts like 10:30 am to close has taught me to just roll with it and eat plenty to have energy to work. Hopefully I will be starting a job as a healthcare assistant in January too.


Thank fully passing A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Geography and getting into uni for next year. I learnt a lot during A-Levels and although sixth form was stressful at times I really did love school.


In September I started recovery from an eating disorder. The past four months have been a journey, I have gained so much,A lot of weight but not just that,Good physical health, better mental health, better relationships, once again enjoying things like art, being able to watch a film and relax, having the energy to work and so much more!) and am excited for what the new year will bring.I have opened up about having an ED to friends and am incredibly grateful for the support. Also very grateful to be receiving professional help .My relationship with my parents is a lot, lot better. I still have things to work on but I feel hope for a ED free life like never before. Christmas eve and Christmas day this year were really chilled and enjoyable. Hoping for more days like this is the future.

The physical transformation is important but the changes that are not visible like changes in mind-set and saying goodbye to ED rules are so important too.

To anyone struggling with an ED I would like you to remember you can stop fighting yourself and fight the illness instead at any time.

The lows

2016 has had a sense of loss about it too for me and also those close to me. Losing a family member,leaving school, friends going off to uni,letting go of the eating disorder and a few other things. But it has also been a year of growth and becoming a young adult and learning some valuable lessons.

Worldwide lots of awful things have happened in 2016.Terror attacks in Paris,ISIS, wars, refugee crisis, trump being elected president, leaving the EU ,the Colombian plane crash are just a few. I think it’s important to be aware of things like this that are happening. For me it stirs up a fight in me to make the decision to really try to be healthy so that I will be a nurse and I can help make a difference even if it is small. Sometimes your sorrows may seem smaller when you look at things with a different perspective.


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