Let whoever think whatever, just keep getting better!

I’d love to say I am someone who doesn’t care what people think about me but I am not. I take peoples comments to heart and they weigh on my mind for a long time.

One of my biggest fears about weight gain was that people would comment on it.I was worried people would think that I had become lazy, undisciplined,out of control e.t.c. when I gained weight. What I also feared was people thinking I just got fat and fear of rejection or being judged by my weight.

Today someone said to me “Hi fatty” and I brushed it off.They meant it as a joke/banter. I think as they also said i’ve gained weight recently and look a lot better. I  said yes I have gained and I feel better. I’d be lying though if I say it didn’t make me feel at least a tiny bit bad. I just hate how some people feel the need to comment on my weight or give me nicknames based on my outward appearance. I’m either too skinny or apparently fat. I just want to be good enough.

But instead of letting this comment get to me I went home and made my peanut butter toast and hot chocolate and now here I am blogging. I am glad that I can now ignore these sorts of comments and just do what I have to do to be healthy!

There’s more important things in life to focus on than what someone says/thinks of you.I always tell myself oh well they are entitled to their WRONG opinion, hahaha.

One of the most important relationships in life you will have is the one you have with yourself so learn to value yourself and don’t let those sorts of comments get you down.

Fighting an eating disorder is often fighting a battle many people don’t understand or know anything about. Let them say or think whatever. You may not feel strong and brave all the time, but you are.

A good way to think is in 5 years time will that comment matter to you? Probably not! So therefore it shouldn’t matter now either!


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