You don’t have to be at your lowest to seek help

I have been blogging like crazy recently, mainly because I am trying really hard to eat well and stay distracted after meals and snacks and blogging is such a good distraction.I recently spoke to a friend who is having some struggles and I suggested they speak to their GP.The friend however doesn’t feel “bad enough” to get help as they have felt worse before. That makes me so sad as I don’t think people should feel like they have to wait until a problem gets really bad to be taken seriously. I can however relate to this 100% as it took me ages before I sought professional help for my eating disorder.

I think people with mental health problems may delay seeking help because of the stigma that still exists.Through my own experience I know there is a stigma around eating disorders and its something which prevented me from seeking help. I think to reduce the stigma associated with eating disorders and other mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, there needs to be a shift in the attitudes and knowledge of the general community as well as health professionals.

I remember thinking “I’m not that bad therefore I don’t deserve help, someone else needs it more,im not at my lowest”Now I realise its better to speak up before things spiral completely out of control.Just because someone else has a lower BMI or is more underweight doesn’t mean that your problems are not valid and should not be taken seriously. Eating disorders are dangerous regardless of weight,bulimia can mess with your heart and other parts of the body even if you are at a healthy weight. Something which I sort of denied for a long time.Furthermore even if you have reached a healthy weight it may be usefull to get help for dealing with the underlying issues because if you don’t deal with them then the ED may come back again.

The eating disorder will always push you to go further and further and the further you go the harder it is to get out again.The harsh reality is if you wait until you get to your lowest you simply may not get there.

Its hard to admit to having a problem as being in denial can make it seem like it isn’t actually there.Its a burying your head in the sand approach. Which doesn’t really work.Often the longer you leave a problem the harder it is to overcome it.

I think if someone has a low self esteem they may also think they just don’t deserve telling someone how they feel.Or they may not want to worry people. Or think someone deserves the treatment more and they are taking up a space.Pushing people away is really common.When someone approaches me and opens up about their struggles  It makes me so glad that they don’t have to hold all those thoughts and feelings to themselves as telling someone often brings relief.I think its also a privilege to listen to someone’s problems and I feel quite flattered when someone opens up to me.We are all only human and it is natural to form opinions and judgements but when listening to someones problems I think its important to remain non-judgmental.Even if they have done something wrong,you judging them or being critical or mean will not help the situation and it may also prevent them from opening up to people in the future.Tough love works sometimes and at times people do need to hear the harsh truth but at other times it just worsens the situation.I don’t know-It just depends I guess.Im really bad at explain things hahaha.Sometimes people don’t need or want advice.Some times you may not feel able to give advice.But just listening can still be very helpful.At times I think its better not to give advice than to give the wrong advice.It kind of depends on the situation.

But yah anyways to sum this all up its ok to get help even if you don’t feel you deserve it or are not at your lowest.Whether that’s telling a friend, family member or professional its better to not suffer in silence.

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