Seven Layers of skin

Seven layers of skin

Now thick, not thin.

Insidious illness

crawls from the outside in.

Infiltrating my brain,

I clasp that object

I will stay sane.

Though eyes are bright,

and skin now glows

the way I feel the dark

you would not know.

It crashes like waves,

and drags me to the dankest of caves.

In darkness decaying I stand,

stop, stop!

I steady my hand.

The weeds continue to weave and grow,

I chop them down

the growth starts to slow.

I’d run from this,

Quite literally.

I could hold out,


Yet the dark is stronger,

it grows within,

and buries,

and anchors

under my skin.

How can I admit,

that I feel the dark?

With laughter so light

and eyes that spark.

I return to the ground

and gather my lights

so I can show the days,

and not the nights.



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