Quick judgements

“Did you see that girl on the train today? Her hair was black and kind of frayed.

Her nails brittle,dull,decayed.”


“Oh yes I saw,

Its rather vile

and can you believe she has a child!?”




“She could be pretty,

but well… her size is a pity”


“Sorry sir” I pause and say.

“Do you know this lady?”

“do you know her name?”


“Have you asked her how she is today?”

“Whether life’s joyous for her,

or dull and mundane.”


“Do you even know her date of birth?”

“Her favourite colour, or place on earth?”


“Because I couldn’t help but think,


Does she like to write or read or draw?”

“or would she like to enjoy those things once more?”


“Does she wake up at the crack of dawn or wait until the later morn?”


“Have her hands carried the weight of others for too long?

Has she lost the tune to her song?”


“Perhaps she’s forgotten how to laugh

drained by the other half”


“But maybe it would be worth your while

to be kind to this lady.

She might just smile.”







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