No time for negative thinking just get drinking…coffee

Yo peeps! Now highly caffeinated and waiting for dinner to finish cooking (I’m meal prepping haha) I needed some distraction.

So last night I went to sleep at like 3am after some binging.Argh so annoyed at myself cause it wasn’t even hunger it was more a I cant sleep sort of thing. It was so strange being at work 12hrs yesterday! Like when I am a nurse these sort of shifts or longer actually will be normal so I need to get used to it.Recovery will help me have more energy to work.(Btw I’m not complaining I literally love work and am looking forward to working later)Maybe I am sad that I like working in a restaurant but I mean what is so wrong with that anyway?I hate it when people look down on waiters/waitresses.Or when people look down on “in proper” as one person once put it jobs.Tbh if being a stripper makes you happy, go ahead, i’ll still be your friend.

But anyway woke up at 7:45 (cranky as hell) and made breakfast. My mum said colour is returning to me and I look healthier. That’s a positive thing. Healthier is not a bad thing. My sister is returning home today after like 5 months so I guess its a good thing I don’t look like a grim reaper. No offence to any grim reapers out there.20160910_075405.jpg

(BUT OMG HOW GOOD DOES THIS LOOK. Making the most of it before I go to uni and am broke af)

After breakfast I decided to cook dinner as I want to get it out the way. I find cooking so hard and just being in the kitchen in general cause of the ED.Silly,I know.Normally when I cook I make typical “Bro food” like chicken breast,rice,brocolli or fish,rice,brocolli.(Variety I know). Its like them male Instagram fitness accounts just without the dench muscles and testosterone.

I mean there’s nothing with eating like that but I think my mum would be more happy with something more tasteful. So I literally pulled out whatever was in the cupboards/fridge and made this chickpea,veggie,rice stew thing.With olive oil.At first I was like “do I really need oil?” Erm yes frying without oil, let’s face it is burning”

Fun fact:Never put  kernels of  popcorn in a bowl and in the microwave it will burn and catch fire.I learn’t that the hard way

I find it hard to have stuff like curries/stews/homemade soups as Its harder to estimate how much to have and what’s in it and how much etc.I also baked some trout/salmon.Not sure which one but we bought like 3kg from Costco as its way cheaper and you can chop it into big fillets not like small supermarket ones haha.

Oh btw when cooking please always have a one man dance party.Today I raved to the dulcet tones of guns n roses and the 1975.

“And I know were going round cause I know,I know the sound of your heart” (1975 The sound)


Gah im so random. Once someone asked me for my date of birth and I said I was hatched on the 12/07/1998.The look I got…PRICELESS!

Once I read a self help guide for people with depression and it was like “limit the intake of caffeine,sugar and processed foods”

REALLY?WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU? No amount of medidation or veggies gets me out of a funky mood like caffeine does. Like yes kids please eat your fruit and veg but ugh can we please not pretend eating more broccoli will fix our moods.

The kitchen is now a state so I should probably tidy then do whatever the hell on my “to do list” which is really a “if you can be bothered list”Then werk werk werk later.WAHEY.Put on your positive pajamas people and have a great day!





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