What Will fun Be Like in 100 Years?

So today my amazeballs friend Bethany from (sleepybethany.WordPress.com) came round for a blogging date. I didn’t really know what to write about so I used a blog post title generator and amidst overused titles such as “10 signs you need love in your life” one of the titles that came up was “what will fun be like in 100 years?”

I think back to being a child when you would grab 50p to buy some popping candy after school and go out and play with friends. Having fun seemed so much more simple (And cheaper!)As a child it seems much easier to find joy in small things in life such as blowing bubbles or going on a swing.

As we get older the stresses and pressures of school, work and responsibilities mean we often forget to have fun or simply do not have the energy to even on a day off. In addition to this society expects us to have fun in ways which may not suit everyone. For example going out and getting smashed. Now don’t get me wrong I do enjoy getting drunk sometimes and waking up not quite remembering the night before. However after going to a club once although it was a fun night its not really my thing, and that’s ok.

The way to have fun can be different on different days.Some days. it is having a few friends round for a gathering,drinking,Eating pizza and dancing the night away whilst other days it is lying in bed ,drinking copious amounts of coffee and blogging.When I was running people would look at me like crazy when I said the most fun I had that week was a 15 mile run in the snow in jannuary!Cannot wait to get back to that!The point is fun is different for everyone.

Which got me thinking, what will being fun be like in 100 years time? The way in which we have fun has changed so much from what it was in the past. Maybe someone will invent a new sport or a new form of transport which will catch on and become very popular? Imagine if someone invented teleports…now that would be fun!Imagine if instead of public transport we used teleports; would that help reduce pollution and global warming?Perhaps I am going off on a tangent now.

Predicting the future is tricky business.Will social media still have such a great prescence in our society?,will we be shaking what our mommas gave us in clubs?,Will robots replace friends?Nobody knows. I am kind of glad to be born in the late 90’s as I still got to experience life without mobile phones or tablets and just tonnes of technology in general as a young child.I am not saying technology is bad.Of course it is not.But sometimes I think we would have more fun by putting down our phones and actually engaging with those around us more.Just a thought.

In 100 years time I wonder how much progress will have been made in terms of reducing poverty.But what if simpler ways of living are replaced by 1st world society standards.Will that increase peoples satisfaction of life and allow them to have more fun?But what is industrialisation in rural china causes more pollution so more people suffer from cancers caused by heavy metals contaminating drinking water such as in the Huai River and the cancer village of Huangmengying in Henan.Also will modern slavery be tackled?Will countries with the worst records for political rights and civil liberties loosen up on their repressive regimes?
Myanmar, Cuba, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan
are countries whose inhabitants suffer intense repression. These states and regions received the Freedom House survey’s lowest rating: 7 for political rights and 7 for civil
liberties.Will the pervasive,state control over daily life be reduced? Will the freedom of independent thought and action allow people to have more fun?I realise I’m asking question after question.I didn’t even have this in mind when I started this post!

I really want to write a blog post now relating to some off the topics I studied at A-Level geography such as neo-colonialism or the super power rise of India and China. So Many ideas now! 


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