Missing School and A-Level rants

I cant believe I am missing school already. Well Actually maybe I can believe it. Despite the stress of A-Level exams Sixth form was actually my favourite 2 years of education. I really enjoyed the academic challenges of studying Maths,chemistry,biology and Geography. I did drop maths for A2 though.

Everyone says A-Levels are so much worse than GCSE’S .I beg to differ. At A-Level you can choose which subjects you want to study therefore studying those subjects is meaningful and has a purpose. Furthermore at A-Level you can focus your attention on just 3/4 subjects which makes it much easier to structure revision and find balance between the subjects. I took 15 GCSE’S an I felt like I was stretched so thinly over each subject.Though ofcourse I revised for some of my GCSE’S the night before (cough,cough Physics and business communications).

A-Levels are so much more interesting because you have to learn not only a volume of content but also go into depth. A depth which GCSE lacked. One thing I did dislike about A-Level biology though was that the exams did not test your depth of knowledge as much as they tested your ability to memorise the mark schemes and know exactly what words to use to gain the marks. One of the biology exams this year was so lacking in content. No kidneys, no heart and yet they asked why goldfish gather round a water pump.

1)Some fish a ectotherms and gather round the water pump for heat


2)The water pump increases the circulation of water so the water around the pump is more oxygenated and the fish need oxygen to respire.

how am I supposed to know which one?

A-Level chemistry was by far my favourite subject. I could spend ages doing titrations and buffer calculations! The chemistry exams were far more testing of your actual knowledge and not how you answer the question. Those chem exams did leave me feeling weaker than van der Waals forces though.


Maths.Oh god.Why did I ever think I should do A-Level maths?Since a young age maths has never been my strongest subject and I remember stressing over it in primaryschool.Nevertheless I felt like it was a subject I HAD to take on at A-Level.I struggled through AS year and got a D in one exam but overall attained a B. so glad I dropped maths.The Maths AS consisted of 3 exams; Core one, core two and statistics/mechanics.Although I did enjoy some aspects like statistics and integration/differentiation  dropping maths meant I could dedicate more time to biology and chemistry.

I actually wrote a poem about maths for the entertainment of our Facebook maths chat.

“Core 2 is a killer,

I will just get out ma chiller

differentiation ain’t no thriller.

This integration

is killing the nation.

Along with procrastination.

Its a sad, sad story,

Like Balamory.

My Class got the brain

whilst I’m tryana stay sane.

My maths grade is poo,

I’m always on a U

The rest are cruisin’ through.

The mocks got us down

But in the end we wear the crown

For the choir will sing

when we slay the real thing”


Hahaha, oh gosh I am cringing so much right now!



Geography is a bit of a love and hate subject for me.At GCSE edexcel (exam board)decided to move a load of AS-Level content into the GCSE curriculum so by the time we (by we I mean our class of 6)Started studying AS-Level geography we were familiar with the concepts.Much of AS geography was repetition from GCSE.Me and my good friend had revised geography to such breadth and depth at GCSE that AS came very easily to us and we cruised through the first year.

Year 13 was a whole different story.You had two exams one called a geographical research paper and one a synoptic with a general paper. I wont go into details but the geographical research is a horrible paper.You have 90 minutes to write a full report on a topic the exam board present you with.A full report with an introduction,models,diagrams,analysis,methodology,conculsion.With all statistics,models and diagrams referenced.NEVER AGAIN.Honnestly that exam is more of a test of how well can you write in a short space of time and not what you know.

I also did Polish at AS-Level which was a walk in the park when you are polish!

But yes I do miss school. I miss seeing friends, I miss going to lessons, and the banter of our biology and chemistry classes.

Our AS-Level chemistry class was the best. I miss P.E and extracurricular things like athletics club,netball,yoga.School also gave days a structure to follow through with.It made meals easier and provided distraction. I also quite miss my teachers which sounds so silly nut I appreciate the effort they put in to our education.With a few exceptions ofcourse.Furthermore with school you had something to work towards.At A-Level.You knew you had free periods and how you chose to use them was up to you.(.Not going to lie we spent a few making origami birds or sunbahing!)Studying and revising is something I miss as I love learning.Maybe I will look into undertaking some extra study during the gap year.Like I am missing chemistry so much!

Throughout much of year 7-11 I couldn’t wait to leave! Even in sixth form I hated school at times but mostly it was a good experience and I am so gratefull for the school I attended. I’m so happy for my friends who are going off on their uni adventures! I just hope to stay in touch.Its so strange seeing people you have known for the past 7 years going off on their sepperate paths.



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