People may need to distract themselves for a whole variety of reasons. For example distractions may help take someone’s mind off intrusive thoughts or help them break. bad habits or behaviours. For example if you were a nail bitter you may choose to paint your nails rather than chewing them off.

For me the best distraction from bad habits/behaviours is work. When I am not at work I tend to struggle more. Lately particularly in the night I find it hard to fight of thoughts.I have tried all the usual distractions of go for a walk, read a book, chat to a friend but I haven’t found them particularly helpful. Also its not like I’m going to go for a walk or call a friend at 2 am!So I realised I need to get creative and find some unique distraction techniques to use when unhelpful thoughts become loud. I also like to feel productive.

So here is a list of some distractions I have tried or am going to try. I will probably add to this list when I think of some new ones.

1)Blogging-I am so happy a friend gave me the idea of blogging! Its incredibly distracting. Also you can go to the library to blog and look for inspiration so it is a great way of getting out of the house.

2)Going to the Library-The library I a great place to go! You can read,write,people watch, talk to people e.t.c

3)People watching-I swear I am not creepy! People watching is actually really interesting!

4)Making playlists on Spotify

5)Endless doodling/colouring

6)Grabbing a coffee-Alone or with a friend.

7)Writing observations-You could go and sit somewhere with a notebook and write down what you see,smell,hear e.t.c. This is a great way to find inspiration for writing too.

8)Playing an instrument-I keep meaning to play piano more but at the moment my concentration levels are at 0.Music in general is a great distraction.

9)Get the bus somewhere random/new-Buses are usually not too expensive and if you are on a bus with a load of people you will have to just sit there and not do anything stupid.

10)See how quickly you can memorise the lyrics to a song

11)Cleaning/tidying-Ok so this one is not exactly original but lately when I cant sleep I will tidy or clean for a bit. My parents were shocked how tidy the house was when they came home from holiday as normally I am a complete slob!

12)Wash your dog-I’m not sure my dog would be very happy about this haha!

13)Water your plants-Then your neighbours plants…

If they let you of course and if you have nice neighbours.In fact if you have elderly neighbours this can be a very helpful thing to do.I do not have elderly neighbours but just putting the idea out there. Also I’m not saying elderly people are incapable of watering plants.Just that it may be a nice gesture.

14)See if you have any small clothes/Old toys to give to charity

15)Make bracelets-OOOH I really want to to this!Then you can give them to friends or maybe even sell them.Or go crazy and start a business.

16)Self care-Shave your legs,wash your hair,take a long bath.

17)Do something caring for a family member,pet or friend

18)Do couples yoga with a friend-This is so funny.

19)Make usefull things/art from rubbish or junk



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