Writing as a means for expression

I actually think I am turning nocturnal! Lately the night seems to be a great time for reading and writing blog posts. I have just been thinking about the various forms of self-expression. Self-expression can take many forms such as art, poetry and fiction writing. Any one who has attempted writing knows how hard it can be to string words together and put feelings onto paper. Writing and art is also valuable as it can be used to raise awareness on important topics.

Although I always preferred the sciences at school I did enjoy certain aspects of English and I appreciate the value of writing.

Poetry has always been one of my favourite forms of writing and although I am not a particularly skilled writer occasionally I may write a poem. They are not great but I thought I may share them from time to time…

The man in the cardboard box

Who cares for the man in the cardboard box?

Pacing the streets, pacing the blocks.

In the night he’ll lie under the stars,

But during the day he’s a dog behind bars.

He asks not demands

Yet he will see you retch,

As he reaches out raw hands outstretched.

He’s looking for fire,

Looking for hope,

Mending the ends of a fraying rope.

You sickening people with your crosses held high,

 say you don’t see,

He knows you lie.

Stumbling blindly, clad in rags,

The weight of the world held in his bags.

And as you walk past us

Homeless freaks

I’ll smile soundly

With dimpled cheeks.






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