Loving Yourself

Image result for in a society that profits from self doubt liking yourself is a rebelious actWe live in a society that constantly tells us we are not enough.Not skinny enough,Not muscular enough,not fit enough,too skinny,too healthy,too unhealthy,not rich enough,not pretty enough,not succefull enough.

loving yourself is the best way to show you do not care what society thinks. Society constantly tells us to change who we are. not saying change is always a bad thing because people can change for the better or it may be neccessary for health reasons.But I don’t think you should ever think you need to change yourself just so you can fit into todays society or to look a certain way to please someone. Societies expectations are constantly changing.The truth is you can never meet all the expectations of todays society.

Why does loving yourself seem to only be allowed for people of a certain size? Self love should be regardless of looks. I hate seeing people on media “fat shaming” or “skinny shamming”. The truth is there is no ideal body, we are all created differently and that is a wonderful thing! It would be so boring if we were all the same! Some people are naturally slim it doesn’t mean they necessarily have an eating disorder so it annoys me when someone tells a skinny person to eat a burger and get some curves.(ofcourse if you are underweight you may need to gain weight and I am not promoting being underweight) In the same way it is unfair if someone judges someone for being  larger .A body is just a body and it is what’s inside that counts.What is most important is health and happiness.Everyone is at their healthiest at different weights.

Hapiness and loving yourself do not come from constantly trying to change yourself or trying to be like someone else.Hapiness comes from being happy and confident in yourself and loving yourself despite the small things which you may see as flaws.We all have things we may not like about ourselves.Those so called”flaws” make you who you are and there is nothing wrong with them.

If you want to change your body and expect happiness to come after that this is not always the case.Im not saying change is always wrong because you can still love yourself and choose to change something for the right reason.For example you can love yourself but decide you want to improve your fitness or tone up to feel better so  you start going to the gym a few days a week. And that is ok as long as you do it for the right reasons.You can love yourself before and after change.

It is not easy but focus on the positives and the things you do love about yourself and it will also be easier to accept love from others.

Think of yourself in a positive way


Instead of putting yourself down all the time focus on your good qualities and talents.How can you use them to the best of your ability?


Helping those around you and being kind.Small acts of kindness can make a positive impact on someone else’s day and make them smile. You have the power to make someone else feel good about themselves. Seeing someone else happy can really boost your mood too.


It is important to be around people who boost your confidence and make you feel good.Do not let others drag you down. Also use this as an opportunity to lift others up!


Find something you love doing and make time for yourself!


Eat well,sleep well,pursue your hobbies.

Lift up yourself.Lift up those around you.



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