Bucket List

Not really sure why I’m writing this, distraction purposes probably.Mainly I would like to use my life in order to make a positive difference to other peoples lives. But anyways here’s a list of some things I would like to do.

1)Volunteer/work abroad for an aid organisation

2)Grow my hair really long.Been trying to do this for years haha but it grows so slow.

3)TO RUN THE LONDON MARATHON.Omg this is like life goals. I did enter the London marathon for 2017 but I doubt I would get in and even if I did I would wait until I am older, stronger and healthier. If I did run the London marathon I would like to raise money for a charity. Not sure which charity yet though.Other ones i’d like to run are the iron trail in the swiss alps,marathon du mont blanc and the swiss alpine marathon.

4)Travel alone or with friends! I’d love to travel but I am terrified of going alone so I hope to find someone or a group of people to do it with me someday!On my list is going to Peru and doing the Inca trail,Thailand,sri Lanka,the Himalayas and a few more.

5)To climb a big mountain.Maybe Mont Blanc or Kilimanjaro.Not sure about Add to dictionary not sure about this one actually as I am such a chicken.

6)To go paragliding. Then to do a paragliding course!

7)To go skiing in the Alps.

8)To recover from my eating disorder fully.Yas I belive it is 100% possible.I shall do it.

9)To go to a concert/festival.I would really like to see coldplay.

10)Buy a same day ticket to a foreign country

11)Throw someone a surprise party.I don’t know why. But maybe because it would make them smile.Hopefully.

12)Go to university and get a degree.

13)Get a tattoo

14)Volunteer at a shelter for homeless people

15)Work as a Barista.Free coffee,need I say anything more?I really enjoy working at a restaurant so why not?

16)Watch the Olympics live.

17)Be a marshal at a race.

18)Go to parkrun.

19)Do a charity walk

20)Help someone achieve something on their bucket list

21)Go to a Yoga retreat

22)Donate blood


24)Take my mum on a trip somewhere nice

25)Adopt a dog/cat

26)volunteer at an animal shelter

There are probably a billion more things I could put down so I will probably add to this.











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