Grades Don’t define you or measure your self worth


Tomorrow is A-Level results day and I am writing this at 12:30 am as I cannot sleep!Anticipation and anxiety have been building up over the past few days.I am trying to remind myself that there is more to life than perfect grades and resits are always possible.Do I think Grades are important?Yes I do.But they are not everything and most importantly you should never feel less worthy jut because you didn’t get a certain grade.

It seems that we are so obsessed with measuring our self worth with letters or numbers, be that our weight or grades or number of friends and then comparing ourselves to others and feeling inadequate or invaluable.We live in a society fuelled by this validation, no matter how hard we try to escape it, it is all consuming.

This year I revised obsessively In the hope of reaching targets I had set out for myself.I started of determined and motivated but by the time exams approached exhaustion set in and I knew I was overworking myself. Relationships,sleep,happiness  suffered as a result.I realise now I was rather miserable and burnt out but I just wanted to make sure I did everything I could so that people did not think I was lazy if I did not get good grades.I thought that If I got perfect grades maybe it wouldn’t matter if I wasn’t perfect in other aspects of life.I think the lesson that I will take is to always strive for balance.Yes revise for a few hours but don’t neglect friends,family,hobbies e.t.c. Self care and taking time out of revision is important or you will burn out.

Furthermore grades do not measure your self worth. I often would think that if I don’t have great grades I am worth nothing to anyone or a failure but that is so not true.Exams do not measure what makes us each special and unique. Exams do not measure numerous good qualities such as kindness,a good sense of humour e.t.c.

Its important to net let the goal of getting good grades completely consume your life or one day you may look back and realize you forgot to live a big colourful life full of happiness, amazing experiences and friends and family who you love due to being obsessed with perfection or being the best you can be.

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