Motivation to keep going

motivationSometimes we need to remind ourselves of what we are working towards when we lose sight of it ourselves. Eating disorders take so much from you but can be beaten. When I lose motivation I find making a list of reasons to get better helps.

Reasons to recover:

1)To be excited about going to see family and friends and not stressing over eating

2)To have the energy to run and to do sports. In order to put goals into action I must be physically healthy. I really want to be able to just walk out the door in the morning and go for a run because I feel like it.

3)To have healthy bones, teeth, hair e.t.c

3)To not have to carry all that guilt,shame and worry

4)So others do not have to worry about you

5)To make family and friends proud

6)To go to university and have the energy to study

7)To have children one day(possibly hahaha…)

8)To make memories and enjoy life rather than being consumed by negative thoughts/urges. Life is to short to have amazing experiences overshadowed or to not experience things because you are too entrenched in an eating disorder.

9)To travel and enjoy the journey fully!To remember what you have seen!

10)To be there for others

11)To prove to people who say you cannot do something that YOU can!To prove that you are capable of anything you put your mind to.

12)To stop comparing yourself to others

13)No more lying and isolating yourself

14)To save money and not waste food.Bulimia is expensive and this is probably one of the things I am most ashamed about.The waste of money and food.I know its bad and selfish.

15)To feel like your real self and not a shadow of your former self

16)To be able to give and accept love.

17)Better relationships with family and friends

18)To enjoy Christmas and celebrations with those around you

19)To put time and energy into people and things that matter

20)To look back at my past and smile rather than regretting






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